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Action Research Outline. Question. Clear and simple. No pre- judgment. Try to focus your question on some aspect of student achievement. If framed properly, your question will help you determine which research tools to use. Do not use yes/no questions or questions in which you already know the answer. Context
Guidelines for Writing an Action Research Project. The basic steps. • Review your current practice. • Identify an aspect that you want to investigate. • Collect and organize data. • Interpret data and imagine a solution or a way forward. • Try it out and take stock of what happens. • Monitor what you do. • Review and evaluate the
Abstract (200 –300 words). This is a brief overview of the project report. It should include the. • hypothesis,. • brief outline of the method you used. • summary of the findings. • their implications. Write this last
Action Research Manuscript Template. • Abstract. • Introduction. • What I've ... The goal of this section is to combine information about the setting of the action research project and the story behind the ... about three to five pages long. The reader should have a good idea what the paper is about before finishing the first page.
Action research is simply a way of systematically thinking about what goes on in your classroom, school, or community, and how you might develop interventions or gather data that will help ... walk through the process of designing an AR project, and present the design in a formal paper. You will be evaluated based on your
EDRE 5550 Field Based Action Research Project. [EDCI Common Assessment for C & I Master's Outcome #3]. Assignment Description and Scoring Guide. Your final project has two components (1) an oral presentation and (2) a paper. Oral Presentation: 15-20 minutes. Project Paper: 15-20 page paper. This project will be
Action Research. Dissertation Outline. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION (Statement of the problem and its significance; brief description of your specific study – i.e., research questions and design). What is your study about – i.e., what problem(s) is your study going to address, how, and why? (This should include both a brief
Action Research Outline. Research Question(s): Try to focus your question on some aspect of student achievement. If framed properly, your question will help you determine which research tools to use. Don't forget to keep referring to the Meyers and Rust book, Taking Action with Teacher Research. The Context, Rationale
Paper 50 - 1. Action research theses. Bob Dick (1993) You want to do an action research thesis? — How to conduct and report action research. (Including a beginner's guide to the literature). Chapel. Hill, Qld.: Interchange. ...... In the description which follows, I will first outline an inquiry process which stresses the notion of

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